Time for change!

I am here to inform my followers, friends and sponsors following my work on the blog NFASHIONSTUFF.

I would like to thank the lovely partnership I had with Dane Yven, a devoted friend and loving that even with the RL full of demands, in recent months has been helping me keep the blog active for all of you that follow. Unfortunately, at the end of the year, in our RL requires a little more, and devote to SL becomes too heavy a burden.

I wanted to keep my job here in SL, even with the difficulties and demands of RL, so I accepted the invitation to be on another blog, with a new partnership, which will continue to make my posts with the same dedication and serving my sponsors, ja that Dane did not have more time to devote here.


Enjoy it our facebook page:

Get in the disclosure group in SL
secondlife :/ / / app/group/1070d240-3c0b-7430-51e3-36f259512a5a/about

Thank you.

Kimi Epin


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